Phenomena gallery at Ægisgatu 7 is proud to present the exhibition AI \ NI by Árna Val Axfjörð and Anton Lyngdal based on the artists’ ideas on the development of artificial intelligence and its effect on human creativity.

Artificial intelligence is programmed, it learns and makes independent decisions.  She learns quickly and delivers her product quickly.  She creates new versions.  She can calculate emotions from facial expressions.  She serves us well.  It is said that she will become human and gain self-awareness.

Artificial intelligence is programmed, it is based on the information that humans feed it.  She always works based on the man’s words and actions.  It follows a predetermined format.  She doesn’t feel emotions, she doesn’t feel pain, she always lacks the spark, the soul.  The AI ​​is not original, it is limited.

The man has intelligence and ingenuity.  He feels and has emotional intelligence.  Man creates beautiful things without outside help, he creates at his own pace.  Nothing can replace the soul and spark of the artist, the artist is not limited, the man is not limited.

Nature, which is the source of all life is necessary, artificial intelligence is not the source of life, it is based on what nature has already created.

Gallery opening time Thursday- Friday 16-20 & Saturday- Sunday 14-18 or by appointment contact the artists: bpm96@hotmail.com / @antonlyngdal or mobergur@gmail.com / @avaxfjord